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Erich Munzner and Good Fortune Band

Erich Munzner and Good Fortune features an all-star cast of musicians.

Erich Munzner's original songs, cool, graveled voice and talent on a guitar combine

with the likes of Rick Elliott, former drummer for Walter Trout; Hank Van Sickle,

bass player with John Mayall and Bluesbreakers; and Kevin Cash, bass player

extraordinaire. When they get together to perform, it's a world class concert

at a poor man's price in Sunset Beach.

Sipping a beer, soda or cocktail, you have to set it down and do a reality check.

Does this music sound great because you feel great, or is the music really that

good? The answer is "B". The music is that good.

We first heard Erich Munzner & Good Fortune Band at the Chili Cook-off in

Sunset Beach. The crowd was sizeable, the chili pans were empty, and

the band was jamming. Performing some of their own original music mixed

with popular favorites to the Sunset Beach crowd made up of celebs and

rockers, plus some average people who live by the beach and have no

regrets, was likely just another gig for these seasoned musicians. People

were talking loud over the band if they could handle it, laughing, smiling,

and a few even danced.

For those who think you can't have a good time without paying a song, you

are really missing out on one of the area's best kept secrets. Good Fortune

performs regularly in Sunset Beach in unassuming bars and restaurants,

Harpoon Harry's and Pelican Isle, among others. If you drive along Coast

Highway in Sunset Beach and notice the spillover crowds outside of Mother's,

J. King Neptune's and other local favorites such as Harpoon Harry's, stop

once and dive into the local scene. Maybe you'll experience some Good

Fortune of your own.

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Did you know that Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Long Beach, Newport Beach and surrounding cities in Orange County and Los Angeles County are home to some of the world's top musicians?

Inspired by the weather, the surroundings, people, talent and good vibes, creative types such as musicians & composers return to this location after performing world tours. Like homing pigeons, creative artists fly back again and again to the beaches of Southern California. In addition to the climate and people, they also find great resources in the entertainment industry. Southern California, many of us like to believe, is the heart and soul of rock music today.

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