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Huntington Beach, California Restaurants

Huntington Beach, California Restaurants offer hundreds of food choices with a variety of cuisines for your dining pleasure. Most restaurants, diners, pubs, cafes and eating places in Huntington Beach are suitable for casual attire, with prices ranging from $1 to around $50 per meal. Restaurants include indoor and outdoor dining with many al fresco cafes allowing dogs and even serving meals for canine friends and family. Most restaurants are appropriate for children, as well. When it comes to dining in Huntington Beach, tourists, travelers, local residents and nearby visitors form surrounding cities enjoy dining in the great atmosphere where good food is served tasty.

Special dining includes Buca di Beppo, Longboard, Duke's (Fish), Longboard Pub (Reuben Sandwich), Pete Mallory's Surf City Sunset Grill (Luau), Palm Court (Sunday Brunch), The Californian (at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa), Captain Jack's (Sunset Beach), Todai (Sushi Buffet), Mo's BBQ (for Hickory and Oak Smoked Chicken, Tri-Tip, Ribs), Thai Wave (5 Types of Curry), In 'N Out Burger (fresh Hamburgers, French Fries and Shakes), Philly Grill (Great Cheese Steak and Fries), Lazy Dog Cafe (most dishes are great!) and more!

Names and phone numbers are subject to change. Please call first before going!

Chicago Ribs & Pasta, 9901 Yorktown Ave. 963-7427
Mo's BarBQ, 301 Main St., 374-3033
Tony Roma's, 7862 Warner Ave., 841-7427

China Moon Restaurant, 7114 Edinger Ave, 848-1142
China Wok Restaurant,19891 Brookhurst 962-6449
Egg Roll King 10078 Adams 378-8612
Egg Roll King 7572 Edinger 848-3838
Gong's, 6815 Warner 842-6797
Gong's 19752 Beach Blvd. 962-7328
Great Wok 16883 Algonquin 846-6588
Happy Garden, 7886 Seawall Cir, 534-8119
Hong Kong Bowl 19077 Beach Blvd. 596-3908
Hong Kong Express 18687 Main 847-7157
Kung Pao, 4911 Warner Ave, 846-9313
Lee's Lucky Wok 16576 Bolsa Chica 377-0770
Li's 8961 Adams 968-5050
Magic Taste, 7251 Warner Ave, 848-2488
Netwok Chinese Restaurant 16482 Bolsa Chica 840-0030
Panda Bowl 300 Pac. Coast Hwy 536-1954
Panda Express 18575 Beach Blvd. 375-9338
Panda King 17436 Beach Blvd. 842-2835
Pick Up Stix California, 5143 Warner 840-0776
Ruby Palace, 18330 Beach Blvd, 847-9208
Szechwan Palace, 19171 Magnolia St, 968-0610
Taste of China 5864 Edinger 846-1660
Triple Eight 21144 Beach Blvd. 536-8911
Wok Experience 7011 Warner 848-1628

Euro Market Barkery & Deli 7561 Center Ave. 897-1470
Old World German Restaurant 7561 Center Ave. 895-8020
Rathskellar, 7561 Center Ave., 894-661

Athenian, 5874 Edinger Ave., 840-6518
Duke's of Hawaii 317 Pacific Coast Hwy 374-6446
L & L Hawaiian Barbecue 19692 Beach 968-1898
Indian -
Bukhara Cuisine Of India, 7594 Edinger Ave. 842-3171
Taste of India, 8890 Warner Ave. 841-6868
Baci, 18748 Beach Blvd 965-1194
Buca di Beppo, 7979 Center Avenue 891-4666
Dino's 19478 Beach Blvd. 963-5111
Giovanni's, 16041 Bolsa Chica St, 846-8188
Guiliano's Deli & Bakery 16062 Goldenwest 848-3338
Lucci Italian Deli 8911 Adams 962-7998
Luigi's 221 Main 536-2234
Macaroni Grill (Romano's), 7901 Edinger, 901-4481
Mangia Mangia 16079 Goldenwest 841-8887
Olive Garden, 16811 Beach Blvd 848-1499
Randazzo, 21148 Beach Blvd 536-2448
Sebastiani's Italian Bistro 6078 Warner 841-3619
Stefano, 7561 Center Ave. #37, 373-5399
Toscany Italian 7568 Edinger 848-9385
Vittorio's, 5921 Warner Ave 846-9606
Daimon 16232 Pacific Coast Hwy 562-592-4862
Kikuya, 8052 Adams Ave 536-6665
Matsu, 18035 Beach Blvd 848-4404
Shogun 16561 Bolsa Chica 840-0666
Sukiyaki Super Bowl 7144 Edinger 841-5660
Todai, 17041 Beach Blvd 375-0390
Tsunami Sushi 17218 Pacific Cst. Hwy 562-592-5806
BJ's Pizzeria, 200 Main, 374-2224
Brooklyn Pizza 5205 Warner 377-8855
Capone's Pasta & Pizza 19688 Beach Blvd. 593-2888
Domino's Pizza 21172 Beach Blvd. 960-6511
Pizza Hut
6791 Warner, 841-3377
18001 Beach Bl 841-2266
20383 Beach Bl 960-7779
19893 Brookhurst St 962-8999
Papa Joe's 508 Pac. Coast Hwy 969-2553
Perry's Pizza 6501 Edinger 891-1341
Pizza Time Buffet (formerly Apple Appeal) 16161 Springdale St
Surf City Pizza Bolsa Chica & Heil in Albertson's Center
Two Brothers Pizza 19065 Beach Blvd. 842-9838
What a Lot of Pizza Warner in Stater Bros. Center 848-7814

Avila's El Ranchito 318 Main 960-9696
Baja Willie's, 7891 Warner Ave 842-8955
Cancun Restaurant 7011 Warner 842-3436
Cantamar 16952 Bolsa Chica 846-8022
Casa Jiminez 19171 Magnolia 593-9824
Chimayo's @ the Beach, 315 Pacific Coast Highway 374-7273
Del Taco 5856 Warner 846-6300
Del Taco 20921 Magnolia 536-2991
Del Taco 21401 Brookhurst 963-3303
Del Taco 7302 Center Ave. 891-1371
Del Taco 17501 Beach Blvd. 842-2096
Del Taco 7175 Yorktown 960-8765
Don Jose's, 15101 Goldenwest St 894-5519
Don Jose's, 9093 Adams Ave 962-7911
Don Felipe's, 7777 Edinger Ave 373-8910
Don Ramon's, 16961 Goldenwest, 847-4767
El Pollo Loco 19320 Beach Blvd. 962-2097
El Pollo Loco 16920 Goldenwest 841-7001
George's, 6581 Edinger Ave 892-5775
Green Burrito 19071 Brookhurst 963-3162
Happy Burrito 8935 Atlanta 960-6422
La Capilla, 807 E Adams Ave 374-0342
Mario's 18603 Main 842-5811
Mario's 15964 Springdale 894-2896
OC Taco House 5942 Edinger 840-8226
Super Mex: Pacific Coast Highway and Warner
Super Mex 19684 Beach Blvd. 964-1828
Taco Bell 9142 Garfield 968-9559
Taco Bell 16431 Bolsa Chica 846-1583
Taco Bell 818 Pacific Cst Hwy 536-1951
Taco Bell 116 Main 374-1358
Taco Surf 522 Main 374-4478
Wahoo's Fish Tacos 120 Main 536-2050
Steak & Seafood
Catch Of The Day, 6854 Edinger Ave 714-841-5472
Market Broiler, 20111 Brookhurst Street 963-7796
Springdale Grill 14892 Springdale 897-0055

Hot and Spicy Thai 16561 Bolsa Chica 840-5404 Sushi
Daimon 16232 Pacific Coast Hwy , Huntington Beach 92649 562-592-4862
Kiki's Sushi 5910 Warner Ave , Huntington Beach 92649 714-840-3024
Sushi on Fire 301 Main Street, Suite 103 374-8885
Todai Restaurant 17041 Beach Blvd , Huntington Beach 92647 714-375-0390
Tsunami Sushi 17236 Pacific Coast Hwy Huntington Beach 92649 562-592-5806
Locations are in Huntington Beach and all have 714 area code unless otherwise stated
Alice's Breakfast in the Park, 6622 Lakeview 848-0690
Arbor's, 6060 Warner, 842-5111
Arby's Roast Beef 19051 Brookhurst 964-5877
Arby's Roast Beef 7942 Edinger 842-5280
Boston Market 16972 Goldenwest 841-3511
Bravo Burger 19102 Beach Blvd. 968-9880
Burger King 16331 Beach Blvd. 847-4994
Burger King 19201 Brookhurst 968-8442
Carl's Jr. 9022 Adams 968-1934
Carl's Jr.19512 Beach Blvd. 968-7374
Carl's Jr. 16031 Bolsa Chica 846-2422
Carl's Jr. 21532 Brookhurst 968-8433
Carl's Jr. 6882 Warner 842-7666
Carrow's Restaurant 16931 Magnolia 848-1995
Center Pub, 16651 Gothard St 714-842-5587
Centerfield Sports Bar & Grill, 17296 Beach Blvd, 848-0113
Charo Chicken 6531 Edinger 892-2900
Chicago Grill 16450 PCH (Peter's Landing) 562-592-5966
Chicago Ribs, 9901 Yorktown, 963-RIBS
Chili's Grill & Bar, 17071 Beach Blvd, 841-6545
Chuck E. Cheese's 15511 Edwards 891-4391
Classic Burger 6041 Bolsa 898-1699
Coco's Bakery & Restaurant 7311 Edinger 894-7940
Coco's Bakery & Restaurant 18872 Beach
Blvd. 964-4112
Coco's Bakery & Restaurant 6886 Bolsa 893-7020
Coffee Plus 7777 Center Ave. 894-3034
Crabby Kenny's 200 Main 969-5433
Dairy Queen 5183 Warner 840-7971
Dairy Queen 102 Pacific Coast Hwy 374-4408
Denny's 18477 Beach Blvd. 842-2112
Denny's, 7490 Edinger 847-4736
Denny's, 10136 Adams 963-8881
Downtown Deli, 424 Olive 536-2482
Dr. Bagel 17752 Beach Blvd. 848-0855
Eat at Joe's 7120 Edinger 842-9440
Fiesta Grill 19484 Beach Blvd. 968-0777
Fitzgerald's Sports Bar & Grill, 19171
Magnolia St, 968-4523
Gallagher's Pub and Grill, 300 PCH 536-2422
Gecko's Cafe, 7887 Center Ave, 892-2227
Honeybaked Cafe, 19022 Beach Blvd., Suite C, Mon-Sat 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. , 963-6174
Hotel Huntington Beach 7667 Center Ave. 891-0123
Hot off the Grill 16522 Bolsa Chica 377-0328
House of Brews 16903 Algonquin 377-3893
Huntington Beach Beer Co, 201 Main St, 960-5343
Hurricane Bar & Grill, 200 Main St, 374-0500
International House of Pancakes 18782 Beach Blvd. 962-4400
IHOP, 200 Main Street, 374-4553
Jack-in-the-Box 16311 Beach Blvd. 841-4984
Jack-in-the-Box 6042 Edinger 846-2235
Jack-in-the-Box 15001 Edwards 894-0078
Java Jungle, 602 Pacific Coast Hwy, 969-9697
John's Philly Grille (2 in HB)
20379 Beach Blvd. 969-8755
16061 Goldenwest, 841-1513
Julian's Sanwiches 19521 Beach Blvd. 960-4445
Kathy May's, Gothard &Center Dr.
KFC 5005 Warner 377-0074
KFC 17491 Beach Bvld. 841-1756
KFC 19091 Brookhurst 968-7521
KFC 21422 Brookhurst 968-7161
Longboard Restaurant & Pub, 217 Main St, 960-1896
McDonald's 18665 Beach Blvd. 842-2428
McDonald's 16866 Beach Blvd. 841-1361
McDonald's 20362 Beach Blvd. 536-7977
McDonald's 6561 Edinger 895-1476
McDonald's 5095 Corner Aver. 377-9201
Meadowlark Golf Course Restaurant 16782 Graham 846-7416
Mirt's Deli 5482 Oceanus 898-6692
Mother's Market & Kitchen, 19770 Beach Blvd 963-6667
Moulin Rouge of Huntington Beach 10142 Adams 593-3346
Norm's 16572 Beach Blvd. 841-1919
O'Deli 7755 Center Ave. 373-3908
Out of Bounds 21022 Brookhurst 968-9800
The Palm Court, 21100 Pacific Coast Highway 960-7873
Park Bench Cafe, 17732 Goldenwest St, 714-842-0775
Polly's, 9791 Adams Ave, 964-4424
Ruby's, The end of the HB Pier, (714) 969-RUBY
Sizzler 16122 Goldenwest 848-2425
Springdale Bar & Grill, 14892 Springdale St, 897-0055
Steve's No. 4 Charbroil 6033 Warner 848-1422
Subway Sandwiches 19881-B Brookhurst 378-1093
Subway Sandwiches 9115 Atlanta 968-9803
Subway Sandwiches 17441 Beach Blvd. 843-0655
Subway Sandwiches 6490 Edinger 846-4800
Subway Sandwiches 7777 Edinger 373-1844
Sugar Shack, 213 1/2 Main 536-0355
Sundays, 16561 Bolsa Chica St 840-8575
Sunny's, 7148 Edinger Ave 841-9934
Sunny's 19810 Beach Blvd. 962-2482
Tap House 8082 Adams 374-0811
Tumbleweed's Restaurant & Saloon 21094 Beach Blvd. 960-2776
Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers 16082 Goldenwest 848-3993
Westbay Cafe, 16600 Pacific Coast Hwy, 592 9469,
Wienerschnitzel 18012 Beach Blvd. 847-9400
Wienerschnitzel 19101 Brookhurst 962-9431
Wienerschnitzel 7622 Edinger 842-4542
Wienerschnitzel 5966 Warner 846-4353
Wienerschnitzel 303 Pacific Cst. Hwy 969-6134
Woody's, 7871 Warner Ave, 848-9936
Zubie's Dry Dock, 9059 Adams Ave, 963-6362 Aloha Grill 221 Main Street, Suite F 374-4427
BrewBakers Micro-Brewery 7242 Heil Avenue 596-5506 / 866-421-2739
Californian, The Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa 21500 Pacific Coast Highway 845-4776
Capone's Cucina 19688 Beach Boulevard, Suite 10 593-2888
Chimayo at the Beach 315 Pacific Coast Highway 374-7273
Duke's Huntington Beach 317 Pacific Coast Highway 374-6446
Dwight's at the Beach 201 Pacific Coast Highway 1210 Main Street (mailing address) 536-8083
Huntington Beach Beer Company 201 Main Street 714-960-5343
Hurricane's Bar & Grill 200 Main Street, Suite 201 374-0500
Mangia Mangia 16079 Goldenwest Street 841-8887
Mario's Mexican Restaurant 18603 Main Street 842-5811
Market Broiler 20111 Brookhurst Street 963-7796
Palm Court, The Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort 21100 Pacific Coast Highway 714-960-7873
Pasta's Hotel Huntington Beach 7667 Center Avenue 714-891-0123 / 877-891-0123
Pete Mallory's Surf City Sunset Grille Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa 21500 Pacific Coast Highway 845-4775
Red Pearl Kitchen 412 Walnut Avenue 969-0224
Spark Woodfire Cooking 300 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 202 960-0996
Sushi on Fire 301 Main Street, Suite 103 374-8885
Sugar Shack Cafe 213 Main Street 536-0355
Super Hero's 714 Adams Avenue, Suite 101 536-1188
Todai 17041 Beach Boulevard 714-375-039
Tuna Town Sushi Bar and Teppan Yaki Grill 221 Main Street 536-3194
Aloha Grill is a local's favorite with an outside patio for dining and drinking. The menu offers a Pacific Rim cuisine including seafood varieties, and favorites like Peanut chicken, Paniolo steak and Aloha ribs. Try the Pupu platter for a variety plate with calamari, half of a Surf City Roll, Maui Wowie rolls, Hawaiian drums and Chicken Satay Sticks. Don't forget about the world famous rainbow while you gaze downtown at Surf City! Located at 221 Main St. Huntington Beach. (714) 374-3327.

Avila's El Ranchito. includes an extensive menu of Mexican dishes and a full bar. This is one in a chain of Mexican restaurants in Orange and Los Angeles Counties, Avila's El Ranchito restaurants. Located at 318 Main Street Huntington Beach. (714) 960-9696.

Baci Italian Restaurant in Huntington Beach on Beach Blvd. is "A Venetian Palace" with a menu rich in authentic Southern Italian dishes and continental fish, veal and more. Baci's ambiance lends itself well either for a quiet, romantic affair to a larger banquet facility complete with optional piano or flute player. A full bar is also provided. Baci is located at 18746 Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach. (714) 965-1194.

BJ's Brewery and BJ's Brewhouse serve handcrafted beers in a casual, lively atmosphere along with great food. 200 Main Street in Huntington Beach. (714) 374-2224.

Brew Bakers is a Personal Microbrewery where YOU are the brewmaster. At BrewBakers you can brew your own beer using our State-of-the-Art equipment. You can match your favorite beer variety from a list of 100 recipes. BrewBakers helps customers every step of the way. Located at 7242 Heil Avenue in Huntington Beach.

Chimayo's at the Beach dining by the sand from David Wilhelm includes an outdoor patio overlooking the Huntington Beach Pier. Menu features seafood, great pizza, ribs and an excellent collection of rare rums and tequilas. Lunch and dinner daily, brunch Sunday, 315 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach. (714) 374-7273.

Duke's Huntington Beach is part of a chain of mostly ocean view restaurants along the coast of California and in Hawaii. Enjoy endless ocean views and memorable dining at Duke's Huntington Beach - located at the foot of the historic Huntington Beach Pier. Opened in 1998, Duke's encourages you to sit back, relax and take in the view while you enjoy its clean, contemporary ambiance and simple, modern menu. Barefoot Bar features Happy Hour. Duke's Huntington Beach is located at 317 Pacific Coast Hwy. Huntington Beach, CA. Tel. (714) 374-6446 Fax. (714) 374-6546.

Fred's Mexican Cafe is offers great Mexican food in a low to moderate price. As you walk up to this 2nd floor restaurant above Huntington Surf and Sport on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street in the heart of downtown Huntington Beach, you will notice black velvet paintings of Jimmy Hendrix and Van Morrison. Rock music is played regularly on the sound system and adorable girls serve the meals and drinks that accompany spectacular ocean views. Located at 300 Pacific Coast Highway. Huntington Beach, CA. (714) 374-8226

Gallagher's Pub and Grill serves Irish sandwiches and meals and features live music many nights. Located in the same building with Fred's Mexican Cafe and Arriba Baja Cantina, it is close to the Huntington Beach Pier but doesn't have an ocean view. Open daily for lunch and dinner, serving food until last call. Comedy night each Thursday, come early to find a seat! Live music Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday night. Located at 300 Pacific Coast Highway Huntington Beach, CA. (714) 536-2422.

Happie Veggie offers a mixture of Vietnemese and Chinese vegetarian cuisine. Hours are Monday through Friday 11 am to 3 pm and 5pm to -9 pm. Closed Sunday. Daily lunch specials Monday through Friday. Located at 7251 Warner Ave. Huntington Beach. (714) 375-9505.

Hurricane's is a 2nd floor restaurant overlooking the busy and bustling Main Street in downtown Huntington Beach.Hurricanes has something for everyone, from killer California-Caribbean, outrageous drinks such as Party Margaritas, 20 taps, dance floor, huge outdoor smoking patio and best of all, the hottest and best music anywhere. Rasta Reggae Party every Sunday starting at 4:30and live acts seven nights [er week from Top 40, to Reggae, to Rock & Roll as well as DJ PeterG's Club Tasty on Thursdays and DJ Devin's Club Canes Dance Party every Friday! It's the bomb the world over. Located at 200 Main Street. Huntington Beach, CA tel. (714) 374-0500

Longboard Restaurant & Pub is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Serving whole Maine Lobster, Longboard Burgers, great Reuben Sandwiches, Chicken, Steaks, Fries and more!. Over 20 TV's to watch all the sporting events. Lounge on the outside patio and listen to live music. Located at 217 Main St. Huntington Beach. (714) 960-1896

Lucci's Gourmet Foods, Inc. transforms its cozy 30-year-old daytime Sandwich Shop into an elegant Italian dining experience which critics and customers agree should have been done many years ago. "Lucci's at Night" is now open. Location: 8911 Adams Avenue at Magnolia in Huntington Beach. (714) 968-4466.

Mother's Market Market features vegetarian faire in a restaurant and deli setting. The food is delicious and healthy with large portions served. Located at 19770 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach, CA. (714) 963-6667.

Palm Court serves continental cuisine with an indoor/outdoor garden with breathtaking views of the Pacific. Sunday brunch is prepared from the kitchen of award-winning Chef Littlefield. Location: Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort.

Pete Mallory's Sunset Grille at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa includes interesting food preparation in a moderately-priced menu.

Tsunami sushi bar with Teppan tables fills up quickly when the doors open. Great beer and wine selection including Saki available. Monday All-U-Can Eat Sushi and Happy Hour specials. No reservations necessary, valet parking is available. Location: 17218 Pacific Coast Highway (Pacific Coast Highway at Warner Ave.) Huntington Beach, CA. (562) 592-5806.

The Californian, is the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa signature restaurant with food from the renowned chef Navadi. Overlooking the California Courtyard with its spectacular ocean views, vibrant reflecting pool, fountains, palm trees and lush gardens, contemporary Californian cuisine and a collection of boutique wines from Californian wineries are featured. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with indoor and outdoor seating. California buffet available every Saturday and Sunday until noon, and Sunday brunch available from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Tuna Town is a sushi and teppan treat with its great sound system and cool clientele. Tuna town offers an artistic Japanese-Hawaiian cuisine featuring fresh seafood and prime steaks. The Teppan Yaki chefs provide dinner and a show all in one, grilling entrees right at the table. Sushi served Friday and Saturday nights until midnight. Located at 219 Main Street. Huntington Beach, CA. (714) 536-3194.Located on Main Street in downtown Huntington Beach,

Ruby Palace Chinese Restaurant, 18330 Beach Blvd. (North of Ellis). (714) 848-6088.Spark is an American Bistro with Italian roots specializing in woodfired meats, chops and seafood with roman style (thin crust Pizzas) and pasta as well as the best martinis in H.B.; we have an unobstructed ocean view and a delivery staff on every night serving most of Huntington Beach. Located at 300 Pacific Coast Highway. Huntington Beach, CA. (714) 960-0996

Sushi on Fire serves tapas, fresh sushi, and desserts right on Main Street downtown Huntington Beach. Family owned fine dining open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Happy hour weekdays. Located at 301 Main Street. Huntington Beach, CA. (714)374-8885.

Todai is an ALL-U-CAN-EAT sushi, Japanese seafood buffet. Hours for lunch are 11:30-2:30 and dinner 5:30-9 pm weekdays. Weekend hours are 11:30-3 pm for lunch and 5-10 pm for dinner. 17041 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach. (714) 375-0390.

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