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There are 800 miles of bicycle trails in Orange County with some of the most scenic spots located along the ocean in Huntington Beach. An eight and one-half mile path runs along the the beach parallel to Pacific Coast Highway beginning at Warner Avenue to the north and ending near Brookhurst Avenue to the south. Cross Brookhurst stoplight and discover the paved Santa Ana River trail which extends over 26 miles through Orange County. Serious riders can experience a 60 mile workout!

Bicyclists and roller bladers share the paved Huntington Beach path with pedestrian traffic. Be aware and ride defensively as you will find people and pets crossing the path. State law requires children riding bicycles in public to wear helmets for protection. Bicycle lanes are often provided on city streets; cyclists must travel the same direction as traffic, obeying vehicle rules and regulations.

The Orange County Transportation Authority (bus system) provides racks for bicycles. When boarding, tell the bus driver you will be loading your bike. You can pull down the handle of the rack located on the front of the bus with one hand. There is no need to lean your bike against a bus. The rack features clearly marked directions for front and back wheel placement. When departing, tell the bus driver you will be unloading your bike. Be sure to exit the front of the bus when doing so.

*Speed limits along beachfront paths in Huntington Beach are enforced. 714-960-8811

Orange County Bikeways Map 714-636-RIDE
Shows all paved, unpaved and street bike routes in Orange County. It also includes riding tips and valuable phone numbers.

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