huntington beach pier

Surfing is Huntington Beach's
Surf City Experience

Huntington Beach--Surfing the HB Pier is one of the pleasures every surfer must try at least once before they die and go to surfing heaven.


While those growing up in Huntington Beach can learn to ride a surfboard almost as soon as they walk, the opportunities for visitors to learn the art of surfing need not be limited by your pocketbook. Surfing is one of the most affordable sports. Once you have a board, the ocean ride is absolutely free. Surf camps abound in Huntington Beach. Popular with tourists are individualized lessons available from Zack's Beach Concessions and Corky Carroll's Surfing School. Others offering seasonal classes are Danger Woman Kim Hamrock, Huntington Beach Lifeguards and several others.

Surfboard rentals and bodyboard rentals are offered at Zack's Beach Concessions (714) 36-0215 near the Huntington Beach Pier. Water temperatures range from near 70 degrees in the summer months of June through October, while winter months of November through May experience colder temperatures ranging from 55 degrees upward. Body suits have become popular in recent years and are also rented so that guests do not get too cold in the Pacific Ocean waters.

When you want to get your feet wet with the latest craze, get out of the board room and hop on a board for the ride of your life in the Pacific Ocean.

Surfing events in Huntington Beach are scheduled on a calendar through the City of Huntington Beach Community Services Department.

  • The city, itself, holds an annual surfing competition for residents in the fall (usually September or October).

  • Throughout the year you'll find over 50 events on the calendar.

  • The biggest is the US Open of Surfing. It is held in July / August. In addition to that event, there are other WQS World Qualifying Surfing events and sanctioned surfing events through several governing bodies.

  • In the summer, you'll also find a Calvary Church surfing competition for those so inclined.

  • Longboard Crew holds an annual paddle each January 1

As you'll see (much to the ire of local surfers who just want their water), there seems to be some sort of surfing event happening nearly every week.

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