huntington beach pier

Michael E. Rodgers Seniors Center

Michael E. Rodgers Senior Center, or simply Rodgers Senior Center, is the hub of fun for those who have time on their hands and have reached the time of life that they can relax and participate in classes, exercise, lectures, field trips, bingo, pool, and monthly dances. It's kind of like being in school again, minus the grades. Serving the Huntington Beach population of adults over 50, the center also serves lunch meals during the week, and hosts seasonal programs celebrating a variety of holidays and events.

As a community owned and operated building (City of Huntington Beach), the center is used for classes such as the Huntington Beach Art League meetings, as well. While the facility has been a staple for decades, the city plans to build a new center in Central Park to replace this building, and expand its usage to include weddings, parties and special events.

For now, you can drop by, no matter what age you are, and take a look...maybe even volunteer in the kitchen preparing meals, or in the office answering phones, or even participating in the meals programs and driving to take seniors to needed medical appointments. These various services allow the aging population to live in dignity and survive a little more comfortably with a support system that helps them. It's a program well worth being involved in, whether you are a senior wishing to meet new friends, get assistance, or a younger person wanting to help out.

Once a year a huge fair is held at Pier Plaza near the Huntington Beach Pier. It is called Senior Saturday. It is held in conjunction with the Senior Center and City of Huntington Beach Parks and Recreation Department, the entity that provides paid staffing, and pays the bills on the facility's lighting and maintenance. Some of the costs are derived from donations, but the majority of expenses are covered through grants and taxpayer dollars.

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