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Beach Volleyball, a very popular sport of Huntington Beach locals, received a significant boost this month when the NCAA made the decision at their annual convention, that 'Sand Volleyball' will become a div 1 scholarship sport beginning August 2011.

As a result of this decision the athletic opportunities for young girls in the sport of Beach Volleyball is set to expand.

Finally the sport appears as though it will obtain the legitimacy it deserves.

With ‘sand volleyball’ scholarships a viable option for aspiring athletes, the popularity of the sport is set to grow, and the courts at Huntington Beach will be soon be full with young local girls attempting to take their game to the next level.

For those individuals with a passion for the game of beach volleyball the Huntington Beach City offers a number of great beach volleyball clinics through the HB recreation program.

One such program run by Beach Volleyball California offers 15 -18yr old girls quality training through a 10 week Beach Volleyball Academy program starting in Spring.

For more information you can contact Hayden Jones 714 655 8270, check out the website or keep an eye out for the Spring edition of the HB SANDS recreation program.

Hayden Jones

F.I.V.B. International Beach Volleyball Instructor

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