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Free admission: all showings!
Huntington Beach Art Center 538 Main Street, Downtown HB
JULY 26, 2008

7:30 PM: Globe- New Emissions of Light and Sound

Starring Taj Burrow, CJ Hobgood, Damien Hobgood, Nathan Webster and Yadin Nicol,
New Emissions of Light and Sound is another ground breaking film by the people that brought you The Secret Machine. This time, we have partnered up with world-renowned electronica DJ Sasha to create an audio-visual experience like nothing the surf world has ever seen. Sit back, relax, and open your mind…. It’s going to be a nice ride.
New Emissions of Light and Sound
8:45 PM: Out There by Teton Gravity Research

Starring: Ian Walsh, Shane Dorian, Manoa Drollet, John-John Florence, Jamie Sterling, Raimana Van Bastolear, Jordy Smith, Jamie O’Brien, Nate Yoemens, Brett Simpson, Greg Long, Garret McNamara, Pancho Sullivan...more
Teton Gravity Research (TGR) presents Out There,
a 16mm and HiDef film taking a progressive, fresh look
at what faces the surf world today. Humankind threatens
many pristine and favorite surf breaks; surfers need to
take action. In partnership with the Surfrider Foundation,
Out There takes viewers to a variety of breaks
around the world, showcasing the cutting edge of surfing.
Out There10 PM: Under the Sun- Cyrus Sutton

Under the Sun is a documentary film made by filmmaker Cyrus Sutton and West Coast Record and clothing label Ubiquity Records.
Shot in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, on the Pacific Shore of Eastern Australia, it explores the commercialization of surfing subcultures through two opposing surf towns. While the two locations are geographically close their populations have completely different outlooks on life, and this clash is magnified in their respective surf scenes.

Starring: Dave Rastovich (A Gold Coast/Byron Bay hybrid raised in the competitive surfing arena who opted for the Byron Bay lifestyle in his early twenties), and many other surfers including Rabbit Bartholomew, Nat Young, Beau Young, and Dean Morrison. The film includes an original soundtrack by Ubiquity Recording artist Shawn Lee and also features a guest appearance from the Band of Frequencies (a collective of musicians hailing from Byron Bay), available soon from Ubiquity Records.

JULY 27, 2008

Free admission: all showings!
Huntington Beach Art Center 538 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA7:30 PM: O'Neill's- The Life

Call it the ultimate dream job, the endless summer that pays, the search for the perfect wave. Call it pursuing your dreams and disguising it as a career.
Call it whatever you think fits, we call it “The Life”.

“The Life” is the story of seven very different individuals, all on the same quest of living out their dreams. “The Life” showcases a world class cast of athletes that covers the full spectrum of today’s surfing world.
Starring: John John Florence, Tamayo Perry, Ian Walsh, Roy Powers, Cory Lopez, Timmy Reyes and Jordy Smith
9 PM : The Skills 2 Pay the Bills- Jessie Marley

The Skills 2 Pay the Bills is the future of surfing; from Ryan Carlson doing big rodeo flips to Kalani Chapman, Makua Rothman and the Wolfpak charging giant Pipeline. This high-action film features perfect Indonesia and behind the scenes footage of all the boys in Hawaii and the crazy, funny times of being a pro surfer. See the newest upcoming pros from all over the world. Filmed in Hawaii, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama and California. The Skills 2 Pay The Bills is one of the best surf movies around and you will enjoy every second of it

MarleyTime Productions

Starring Ryan Carlson, Brett Simpson, Andy Irons, Nate Yoemans, Jamie O'Brien, Mikala Jones, Brandon Tipton, Ryan Turner, Bruce Irons, Mason Ho, Wardo, Braden Diaz, Ted Navarro, Jessie Evans, Kalani Chapman, Kala Alexander, K-Rat, Kawika

10:00 PM: Awards Ceremony

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