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The Mids will Rock You

This local Orange County California cover band, the Mids, is pretty good. They handle a full set of cover songs with a decent range in musical talent, and they seem to engage the audience by packing the house with music lovers. Performing each month at Marlin Bar & Grill, you catch them there some Friday nights.

The band is made up of Jeff, Wes, Jason and Chris, who seem to work well together and have a good vibe going. Jeff, the Lead Guitar and Vocalist has lived in Southern California for 20 years or so. As a teacher, his dreams of being a rock star were sidetracked, but the Michigan-born talent knows how to rock and when school lets out, Jeff really hits the notes.

Added to his voice is Wes, who also sings with the Mids musical act. West also is an import from the U.S. he has lived in Maryland, Texas, etc. Wes is multi-talented (one of those creative types), and he also teaches classes, like Jeff does.

Drummer and vocalist Jason is an OC born & bred dude with drumming inspired by the Grateful Dead. That's oddly familiar. Another band that frequents Marlin Bar, Cubensis, is a Dead tribute band. Maybe Jason should hook up with them (or maybe he has). Jason is another one of those underpaid teachers who has to work at night at nightclubs so he can pay his bills. (just kidding--night clubs don't pay very well, either). Jason formed the Mids. He is the master mind behind this phenomenon.

Chris plays bass and also sings. He's the newcomer from phil. He's described as a straight shooter, slide it in, big amp guy. You can miss Chris.

Kurt is also a vocalist and plays the trumpet. A little known fact is that he played in the USC Marching Band. Don't be fooled by his SC style. He moves easily between musical genre and can do everything from Punk to Latin Rhythm. Guess what Kurt does for his other living during the daylight hours? He's a teacher, too!

If you think you have nothing to do in HB, wrong! Head over to Marlin Bar some time to see these teachers play music the way it should be played. What do the play: Who, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Clapton, Doors and just about anything you want. contact:

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