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Dachshund Races HB

Huntington Beach Old World Village Dachshund Race Schedule

If you have a Dachshund you'd like enter in a race, call Inge McKellop at (714) 898-5111. These are fun races in a short, enclosed track. Dog owners typically bring a squeak toy or other object to attract their pet to the finish line.


Oktoberfest Races

Every Sunday during Oktoberfest starting at 3pm

Outdoor Dachshund Races are included with admission on Kinderfest (Oktoberfest) Sundays. See prices

Come see these short-legged but swift Wiener Dogs race to the finish line!! Must purchase admission to Kinderfest to see the race.For public info please call Tel: (714) 895-8020

Old World Village Oktoberfest in Huntington Beach that brings the time-honored German celebration to the beaches of California at Old World German Restaurant, a few miles from the beach.

Old World German Village
7561 Center Ave., #49
Huntington Beach, CA

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