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Huntington Beach Concerts Include
Three Free Summer Concerts Series
Huntington Beach restaurants are increasing their quality and offerings in addition to improving their meeting space.

Free Concerts

Free Concerts occur primarily in June through November, with additional free music played during special events. There are also many opportunities to listen to Live Bands at local restaurants, bars and pubs.

Huntington Beach is a music haven. Not only do many popular bands come from the city or get their start in the garages there, but a host of musicians also call the city their home. As such, you'll find the music scene (which has always been good), keeps improving with age. The only thing missing perhaps, is a large indoor venue such as the Golden Bear, a once popular music and concert club that during its decades on Pacific Coast Highway, served up solid rock, blues and other live music regularly.

For visitors and locals in Huntington Beach, you'll find summer really is the best time to pick up the free daytime outdoor music at the Huntington Beach Pier Plaza, Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum and Central Park. The longest-running of the three concerts series is the Surfing Museum concerts called Surfin' Sundays, which normally runs from around May to October. The other concerts at the park and beach comprise approx. 6 concerts, each. They sometimes overlap on Sunday afternoons / evenings so it makes seeing all the offerings a bit tough. The pier concerts at the beach include Latin, Country, Swing, Blues, Jazz, Soft Rock and a variety of sounds, while the Central Park Concerts are mostly jazz band offerings. Surfin' Sundays stays true to the surfing sounds with a steady beat, mostly instrumentals, guitars and fast-paced songs.
Pier Plaza Pacific Coast Highway & Main St.
Concerts include outdoor cement seating and grass lawn with full exposure to the sun and pier. Bring blankets and chairs if you like. 714-536-5486

Surfing Musuem 411 Olive St.
Municipal City Band
Central Park Band Stage

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