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Golden West College Swap Meet

Saturdays & Sundays Year Round
Time: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Cost: Free Parking and Free Admission.

Call: (714) 898-7927 for 24-hour information.

Location: 15744 Golden West Street, Huntington Beach, California 92647

Golden West College Swap Meet is one of the most popular Orange County swap meets. It's been around for as many years as anyone can remember. We've actually sold books at a home garage sale and seen them for sale later at the Golden West College Swap Meet. There's a core of regulars with stalls that seem to enjoy buying and selling. The Golden West Swap Meet provides the venue in a parking lot that lets them sell to their hearts' content. Held weekends, you'll find an incredible turn out for these meets. The parking lot is so full, people often park across the street in the shopping center and walk over to the event.

What you'll find at the swap meet are overstock items, collectibles, clothes, treasures, hand crafts and about anything you can imagine. With the upscale population paying close to a million dollars (or more) for homes in Huntington Beach these days, the hand-me-downs and curbside discards aren't too shabby. You'll find many of these useful, quality items at incredible items sold at the Golden West College Swap Meet. Golden West College is a community college that makes use of their land wisely. Holding the event on days when school's not usually in session, there's no parking fee during this event.

Golden West College parking lot includes New & Used Items, Fresh Produce, Records, Music Memorabilia, Antiques & Collectibles and much more!

Other events in Huntington Beach that include some elements of a swap meet are the Friday Farmer's Market in Downtown Huntington Beach.

On the Golden West College Campus, a community college two-year program, other public entertainment includes Golden West College Theater plays.

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