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On the right column are artists, authors and musicians, all heralding from the shores of Southern California in the Huntington Beach region. Considering themselves HB locals, these creative artists have produced items that appear in magazines, on web sites, and in stores for the public to buy.

Bill Anderson- The long time resident of Huntington Beach has owned Anderson Gallery for over a decade. A former art teacher, his work is shown in prominent galleries around the globe. Near and dear to his heart (he founded the first allied arts board in Huntington Beach) is Surf City. Anderson commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the city with a unique poster featuring the Golden Bear.

Wings Over Bolsa - This annual, affordable calendar keeps you abreast of your important dates, while you peruse fabulous photos taken at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and wetlands area. With these pictures to remind you how lucky the HB locals are, you'll be inspired to get out and enjoy nature's beautiful canvas best experienced live at the Bolsa Chica.

Jan & Dean's Buncha Cool Hits - Any HB local knows that Dean Torrence lives in HB. His albums went to platinum and he helped create an entire culture that includes the California lifestyle of surfing, cool cars, beautiful people and great music. You can pick up Dean's CD at California Greetings on Main Street in HB. Or go over to The HB Gallery, Surf City, for Dean's artwork sold at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa.

Wesley the Owl is a New York Times best-seller based on the true story of a scientist who took in an injured baby owl, nursing it and caring for it throughout its lifetime. Communicating with the winged creature, local researcher/author Stacey O'Brien paved the way for new discoveries about this species. Her story is a touching tribute to the passion humans have in caring for crippled and injured animals, often hurt by man's own hand.

California Gold Rush Glimpses II is a series of true stories from the California gold rush. Digging through newspapers and archives, historian Craig MacDonald has come up with insights into the lives of the people who came to California to strike it rich. MacDonald, a 28-year resident of Huntington Beach, is a contributing author and editor to Sierra Heritage Magazine. The Pulitzer Prize nominee has written over 10 books and speaks to audiences on the California Gold Rush.

The Little Hermit is a cartoon book by talented author, cartoonist Lance Martin. This local talent cuts hair in his own barbershop by day, and at night he develops the cartoons and story lines appearing in newspapers, magazines, and now in his own featured book.

The Truth About Being an Extra (How to Become a Good Background Actor) is based on the experiences of celebrity housewife, and actress in her own right. Jo Kelly was married to famous actor Jack Kelly who was known for his Hollywood career, appearing in over 50 movies and numerous TV shows such as Maverick. The author's husband was mayor of Huntington Beach, and Jo Kelly continues to reside in the city, returning after her book signings, speaking engagements and acting gigs are done. The book is entertaining for all readers, and includes humorous tidbits such as the suggestion to drive the right kind of car to a casting call, as your car may be used in the filming, and you can make extra money in that manner.

Huntington Beach Lifeguards was written by a Huntington Beach Lifeguard who served the public, saved lives, and always carried a fascination for the history of the profession. Huntington Beach is recognized as one of the nation's leaders in providing beach safety through its lifeguard services. Kai Weisser was one such guard who collected notes, photographs, and turned his actual experience into a book that is both educational and interesting. The huge quantity of pictures make this book ideal for all ages, even little ones who can't read just yet.

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