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Rock Me Baby, in Huntington Beach--Music Scene is Hot

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There are so many fresh sounds and better known musicians appearing this month and next that we felt it was worth taking the time to steer you in the right direction.

There's the big gig at Pelican Isle. Another free concert brings together all star performers such as the drummer from the Walter trout band and bass guitarist for John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. These famous bands hold a long history with Huntington Beach, and it's great that musicians find the local scene worthy of their attention. Erich Munzner who put a band together (Good Fortune), has managed to create a sound that's professional, unique, and very compelling.

To celebrate the Huntington Beach Centennial, the showpiece of a gala ball with Keiko Matsui, a renown jazz pianist from Huntington Beach. Performing around the globe, and recognized for her top hits and best-selling CD's, Matsui is a shining example of the musical talent and diverse musical tastes that exist in Surf City.

Next on the all-star lineup you'll find Kim Waters appearing at the Huntington Beach Central Library Theater. Waters is an extraordinary musician who's chart-topping tunes make him a sought after act around the globe. Waters does travel, but spends much time in the studio, and treats Huntington Beach to his smooth jazz concerts.

We've taken just a few weeks and barely touched on the variety of musicians that are appearing in Huntington Beach. It's such a huge music scene, and it most happens after dark, so it is something you night owls will enjoy, no doubt.

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