huntington beach pier

Style: CountryDeathMetalPowerSlopPunk
From the backwoods of Huntington Beach CA, the Skatanic Rednecks are a natural blend of punk, country, and death metal. The SKATANIC REDNECKS are just some good ol' boys playing LIVE Country-Death-Metal-Power-Slop-Punk Shows.

Band Members:
Lead singer Dave Reul (Pro Pool Skater), along with his Dog Boy cohort, take charge of this five piece band that includes two guitars, drums, killer metal bass, and a sick bluegrass fiddle.

Constitution Street in Huntington Beach—Redneck Ranch is home to the Skatanic Rednecks: Dave Reul, Robert Bradley, Jeff the New Roommate and Tyrona the Dog. Dave Reul, a Texas-raised surfer and pro skateboarder, has a garage taken up by a skate ramp. When they finish their shows they return to the ranch to skate, and then the girls start dancing on the ramp, and then they’re dancing with plastic [toy] horses, and they don’t get to sleep until 5.

Band Members Hank Reuler--Guitar, Vocals<> Fishin’ Musician—Bass, Vocals<> DogBoy SASQUATCH—Security, Vocals, Washboard, Stuntman<> Snake eyes--Drums<> Fiddler in the BuSH—Fiddle, Vocals<> Uncle Cousin Jonny --Guitar<> Poncho--Friend, Slide Guitar
Influences Beer swillin', meat eatin', fire breathin', bull ridin', fish catchin', beard wearin', belt buckle shinin', skirt wearin', big hair representin', people that like to keep it real, for real.
Sounds Like Campfires, deathmetal, Skateboarding, fast cars, big trucks, beer, Pools, Fires, Porn, Ho downs, wild girls and fast times, Our Garage Mini Ramp Sessions, L0nestar Late night Sav-On skate parties, Coffee Table Skating at the Ranch, Playin all over the country. Hurley, Vestal, Kreaper trucks, Black Fly's, Trird Drawer Snowboards, Death Box and Gallagher’s pub and Grill HB.
Record Label Johnny's Bar JukeBox
Type of Label Indie

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