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Huntington Beach High School Public Swim

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UPDATE: As of June 4, 2011 we were notified by the City of Huntington Beach Parks and Recreation Department that this Lap Swim opportunity has ended. The public can no longer swim at Huntington Beach High School!

Swim Huntington Beach High - Huntington Beach High School pool Lap Swim is a fantastic Olympic size pool providing a great method of getting in shape. For those who remember the effort it took to get this swim pool built, the student body, parents and community, including sponsors, kicked in to get that billboard meter line to move upward till all the funds were collected to pay for the much-needed swimming pool at Huntington Beach's oldest high school. This beautiful school campus with the great pool is a rare opportunity for swimmers to enjoy lap workouts in the early morning or evening on specific days. Cost $3 or 20 -punch pass for $50. Call: (714) 960-8884. Location: 1905 Main Street. /

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