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Soul of the River is playing the Blue Cafe in Huntington Beach April 6, 2010. Soul of the River is a funky rock groove band along the lines of Ben Harper, Jack Johnson or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Below is the info and the bio:

Tuesday April 6, 2010
Soul of the River
Blue Cafe
17208 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach , CA 92649
(562) 592-1302Soul of the River has free downloads at www.souloftheriver.comthere's no
requirement for sign up or anything. No strings attached.

Soul of the River are currently recording their first full length album, 16
songs, anticipated to be released mid 2010.
Soul of the River have been featured on X-103.9 Alternative Radio, KUCR, Good Morning San Diego, FM 94.9 and the
Internationally syndicated “On the Horizon” Radio Show.
Soul of the River give out free CD’s at their concerts, and provide all free
downloads on their website.
Soul of the River are strong supporters of the American Cancer Society, and
perform at several “Relay For Life” events every year as well as hosting and
performing their annual “Rock for the Cure” concert to raise funds for the
Riverside, Perris, and Hemet Relay for Life events.
"A three-piece progressive (yet chill) rock band, with sounds best heard
with a drink in hand (whether it’s a diet coke or a margarita) gets the hips
swaying and the feet tapping”
-Tina Bold - The Vinyl Hours

Created around freestyle songwriting sessions around a fire pit, Soul
of the River was formed in June 2002. Out of Southern California. Soul of the River creates an unusual blend of songs
that immediately grab the listener. Steve Hansen’s abstract yet funky basslines
take a lead voice in the music and effectively compliment the overall songand
get the booties shaking. Rene Felix has the unique blend of funky, shuffle
drumming style, with the punch of John Bonham and the thunder of Stewart
Copeland, that creates a one of a kind sound that makes the most avid hip hop
or country listener rock out and get down. Brett Dawson, brings a melodic vocal, and groove based guitar style
that ranges from laid back funk to raging intensity. This unique blend of
styles playing great original songs guaranteed to make even the harshest critic
love, is the perfect formula to create the eargasmic sound of Soul of the

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