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The Nervous Return Band Information

Nervous Return Band Information

The Nervous Return music is the sound of defiled Hollywood hallucinations, channeling the feral aggression of Iggy’s Detroit, the romantic melancholy of post-punk London, and Bowie’s darkest glam fantasies. Threatening, electrifying, funny and angry are the emotions evoked within even a single song.

Members include Jason who plays Miles, Monk and Mingus on his turntable while Sonic Youth, The Locust, Drive Like Jehu and Kaito share space in his CD player. Don’t let his fake eyelashes and senior women’s eyewear fool you.

Greg was raised on Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and funk. He likes to practice Wing Chun (an ancient form of KUNG FU) while wearing ornate red cowboy shirts, vintage white pimp shoes and oversized policeman’s eyewear. Fascinated by the teachings of the Tao, Greg finds peace in the acceptance of life's polar opposites. He watches NASCAR racing on television while crawling slowly on his kitchen floor. He is the beat, the rhythm and the pulse behind Nervous music.

Shane is a product of punk rock, listening to Minor Threat, The Refused, PIL, Fugazi, The Ramones, The Misfits and Sonic Youth. He enjoys being quiet and experimenting with altered states of consciousness. After a brief involuntary stay at a psychiatric hospital due to an inadvertent over indulgence in Gypsum, Shane began the long and arduous process of re-assimilation back into his traditional culture. He had to slowly relearn appropriate social interactions, behaviors, responses and facial expressions. Shane has done very well as of late and can act completely normal under most circumstances.

Anthony breathes in Fugazi, Failure and Parliament/Funkadelic and exhales the Meters, Tribe Called Quest and The Cure. He likes to sleep...a lot. When he is not sleeping he finds peace at Venice Beach where his soaks in sun and speaks with the freaks on the boardwalk. He is the funk, sweat and fire of Nervous music. copyright siteprivacycontact

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