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Are you search the Internet for something to do in Huntington Beach? Search no further. You have arrived at the ultimate calendar of events. Thanks for visiting and keep sending those events!

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January 28, 2009 Robbie Armstrong Band - at Mahe. Time: 7:30 p.m. Cover: No, 21 & over. Location: 1400 Pacific Coast Highway, Seal Beach, CA. Call: (562) 431-3022

January 28, 2009 Ebb & Flow Art Exhibit - A Centennial Exhibition 2009, includes art and photographs representing 100 years of change in the city of Huntington Beach. Historic Resources Board and HB Art Center co-sponsor this event. Exhibit runs thru Feb. 22. Time: Noon to 6 p.m. Cost: Free admission. Location: 538 Main St., Huntington Beach, CA. Call: (714) 536-5258.

January 28, 2009 Library Storytime - for Ages 18 months to 3 years at 10 a.m. and ages 3 to 5 years at 11 a.m. Cost: Free. Location: Main Street Library, 525 Main St., Huntington Beach, CA. Call: (714) 375-5071.

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There's nothing quite like the comfort of a mother, telling you everything's ok. This mommy above at Huntington City Beach comforts her child with a gentle touch and little hug around the waste.

The beach can wash salty water into your eyes and maybe even sting. You can step on things that hurt from time to time, or even get knocked down by a wave.

Moms are pretty good about keeping an eye on the kids at the Southern California beaches. Most the rescues occur with older kids (teens and young adults) who are fearless, and don't recognize dangers for rip currents and other such things.

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