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April 28, 2011 Tom Jones, play. Produced by Huntington Beach High School Academy for Perform Arts, this is farce by David Rogers and directed by Robert Rotenberry. Based on a classic Henry Fielding 18th century novel which is a comic masterpiece, the story is about Tom Jones who grows up the ward of the wealthy Squire Allworthy. He falls for his beautiful neighbor Sophia Western, whose father forbids a marriage between the two young lovers. Tom is banished. Sophia and her maid of honor set off after him. Sophia, pursued by her father and aunt, finds her cousin Harriet who is on the run from her controlling husband. Tom rescues a beautiful woman from a robber and all find themselves on a mad cap, laugh. Runs April 28 - May 1 Location: 1905 Main St., Huntington Beach, CA. Call: (714) 536-2514 ext. 4025.

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